Ludo Star Download APK

Download Ludo Star APK for Android free and enjoy the traditional Ludo game with brand new way. Ludo Star APK for Android is available now for everyone.

Download Ludo Star APK

Download Ludo Star APK – A big thanks to the Gameberry who actually developed the Ludo Star Game. And with the passage of time, the game become popular among Android and iOS users. There are millions of users who are playing Ludo Star game at that moment especially in the Asian countries. Today we are going to provide the complete downloading link of Download Ludo Star APK for Android.

But unfortunately, the game has been removed from the Google play stores (the reasons are unknown) but still, the fan following of the game is increasing exponentially. Players are intended to download Ludo Sar APK free for Android. Now third-party websites are hosting the APK file of the game. In this way, we manage the demand of downloading Ludo Star APK for Android. Undoubtedly, the game is very attractive, impressive, and amazing. You will addictive to it within no time.

Download Ludo Star APK

Friendly matches in Ludo Star APK

You can enjoy the friendly matches of Ludo Star APK via Facebook. Yes, you can create a profile of Ludo Star game by using your Facebook profile and can invite your friends and family members from Facebook. At the start of the game, you will get some coins to get start moreover, you can also buy coins, gems, and diamonds. Gems actually make the game full of fun. With the gems, you can roll the dice again and can ultimately increase the chance of your win. You can also download Ludo Star APK MOD with unlimited coins, gems, and diamonds.

Modes of Ludo Star Game

The Ludo star game has a lot of modes of gameplay. Once you log in the game you need to choose the mode you want to play. Maximum 4 players can participate in the battle of Ludo Star.

1Vs1 Mode of Ludo Star – In the Ludo Star 1vs1 mode of the game you will face only 1 opponent.

Team Mode – In the team mode you can create your team by taking one partner placed in your diagonal. And your team will face another team. In the team mode, you can kill the token of your partner as well.

4 player mode – In the 4-player mode you have played against 3 different players. In this mode, you won’t have any partner. And in order to win the game, you have to finish first. So, what are you waiting for? Download Ludo Star APK free.

Ludo Star APK Gameplays

Once you decided which mode of Ludo Star you want to play now you have to select the gameplay. The Ludo Star APK has the following mode of Ludo Star APK.


Quick Mode Gameplay – This is one of the best quick modes of Ludo Star and ideal for those who are always in hurry and want to enjoy the game in quick manner. When the game begins one of your tokens will placed outside your box. In this gameplay, you don’t need to take 6 in dice in order to bring the token out of box. And you need to take one token in your home to win.

Classic Mode Gameplay – In the classic mode of the game the rules are quite similar to the traditional Ludo Game. You need to take six to take once dice out from your box. You must need at least one token of your rival to enter the finishing stars. And try to come first in order to win the race. Download Ludo Star APK.

Master Mode Gameplay – The rules of this gameplay are quite harder than any other mode. Again, you need six to take out the token from home. And you need to eliminate all of the tokens of your opponent so that you win without any hassle.

Download Ludo Star APK Free

Here is the most awaited part of the Download Ludo Star APK free, the direct downloading link for you. You simply need to click on the download link, your file will start downloading automatically. Share your valuable feedback with us in the form of comments given below.

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